Title: A Cold Dark Place
Author: Toni Anderson
ISBN: 9780991895878
Published: 2014
Pages: 364 (paperback)

“Rather than chasing shadows, maybe a better tribute to her sister would have been to live a full and happy life. p.49 (eBook)


I’ve had this book sitting on my ereader for a long time and I finally decided to give it a chance. I never heard of the author or anything about the book. I actually think, if I remember correctly, I downloaded the book for free and that was the main reason I had it on there. And I must say, I’m happy that I came across it as it was a pleasant surprise and very entertaining.

From page one there was a build-up of suspense which I absolutely love about books. I don’t mind the build up that is quite common when it comes to a suspense novel, however, when a story starts out by throwing the reader right into a what-the-hell-is-going-on moment it makes me want to not stop reading until I figure out what the hell had happened. And the action didn’t stop with the prologue either as it continued right into chapter one and someone being killed. Wham bam! Two shots to the head!

The characters were also very likable and strong. Usually there is a damsel in destress and the main hottie is always there to save her; which I do like those books as well as they make for quick and easy reads most of the time, however, with this story even the female character, Mallory Rooney, holds her own quite well. Well, for the exception near the end where she could have thought things through a bit better and she wouldn’t have ended up in the hands of the killer the way she did. I understand that’s what she was going about doing, but she could have done it in a better manner where it didn’t almost have her body on a slab. I really liked how the guilt she was feeling about losing her sister at the age of nine wasn’t overplayed either. There was just enough dispersed throughout the story to remind the reader of why Mallory acted the way she does as she has spent her career searching for her lost sister. Usually when guilt is written into the mix for a character a lot of authors overwrite it, making the story bland and annoying as that’s all they tend to focus on.

Then there’s Alex Parker, a killer among killers, and a great counterbalance to Mallory. He has his own dose of guilt that eats away at his soul and because of it he tries his damndest not to fall for the one person that he was supposed to be watching over. Alex runs his own security firm after returning from fighting overseas and he tends to use that as coverage for what he has to do, including protection Mallory to make sure the one hunter her doesn’t get his hands on her. Instead, it’s Alex’s hands all over her which adds some nice steam to the story without making it the main focus.

I’m crazy about romance stories and what I love even more are suspenseful romances such as A Cold Dark Place. The author, Toni Anderson, had a perfect mix of suspense, romance, and making sure the readers get a good sense of all the characters involved. I couldn’t help but bust out laughing at the comments I was reading about the book on Goodreads though as some of them mentioned that there was too much detail when it came to the sex scenes within the book. For how Toni describes those scenes they don’t even come close to the ones that I’ve read in Lords of the Underworld and The Black Dagger Brotherhood; now those are some hardcore description sex scenes! For how the book had such great detail with other parts of the story I’m actually surprised by how low-key those parts are.

A Cold Dark Place was a very enjoyable and suspense-filled book that was hard to put down. I didn’t give it five stars as there were parts that became a bit choppy, but otherwise it had a good flow from chapter to chapter and there were even some drop-your-jaw moments (no lie, my mouth actually gaped open during some parts). I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good dose of mystery and suspense with a dash of love thrown in. Even though the books don’t link together (but are technically a series) I can’t wait to dig into the second one, Cold Pursuit.

About A Cold Dark Place

Former CIA assassin Alex Parker works for a clandestine government organization hell-bent on taking out serial killers and pedophiles before they enter the justice system. Alex doesn’t enjoy killing, but he’s damn good at it.

FBI Special Agent Mallory Rooney has spent years hunting the lowlife who abducted her identical twin sister eighteen years ago. Now, during an on-going serial killer investigation, Mallory begins to suspect there’s a vigilante operating outside the law.

When Mallory starts asking questions, Alex is ordered to watch her. As soon as they meet, the two begin to fall in love. But the lies and betrayals that define Alex’s life threaten to destroy them both—especially when the man who stole her sister all those years ago makes Mallory his next target.

A list of books by Toni Anderson can be found on her site here – Book List – she also has a printable version that you can find here – Printable Book List.

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think of it?

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