“One of these days, Harper Ashby, you’re going to have use of the single brain men pass around among them.”

Nora Roberts, Black Rose, p. 44

I enjoyed this book as much as the first. There is no lack of action in this book either. Things have moved on from that of Stella and Logan, however, they are still very much a part of this second book which is one of my favorite things about it. I like how they weren’t just pushed to the side in order to focus on that of Rosalind and Mitch. Instead, the story continues as if things never ended with the first book. I suppose it wouldn’t be a very good book series if it just ended with the first and started in a completely different spot with those following.

The Harper Bride is almost as much front and center in this book as much as Roz and Mitch are. She is one unhappy spirit, that’s for sure. They come to find out that Roz is actually a descendant of the Harper Bride, however, as Roz and Mitch come to start feeling more than friendship for each other, the Bride starts to become angrier. At one point, she even tries to drown Rosalind in the bathtub! The more the women within Harper House, the live ones that is, start to fall in love, the stronger the Harper Bride seems to become. She has even begun to throw tantrums, throwing and breaking things as Roz and Mitch come into Roz’s room one night.

What I love the most about the book is that it doesn’t just focus on only certain people but includes all of them, This book does have more of what is happening between Roz and Mitch, but it continues on with Stella, Logan, Hayley, and Harper as well, making the series more together. I suppose you could get away with reading this set as if they are their own book, but it would be quite a mystery has to how things came to be without reading the first, or the last for that matter. The Harper Bride isn’t the only one that brings excitement to that of Harper House either. Which is another factor that I quite enjoy as it doesn’t circle around just her. In Black Rose Bryce comes to try and destroy what Rosalind has made of herself and her business. However, he does very much get what he deserves.

About Black Rose

Rosalind Harper is one whose past experiences have given her the strength to bend without breaking. She has been a widow for some time, raising three grown sons and has even survived a cataclysmic second marriage, all the while getting her nursery, In The Garden, off the ground. It has now a thriving business and the hope and independence that Roz has worked so hard for. She now also shares it all with two women, Stella Rothchild and Hayley Phillips, that have become a part of her family and the future of In The Garden.

But now everything is in chaos and she won’t be able to fight against it alone this time.

To fight against the spirit that haunts the halls of Harper House, Roz has hired Dr. Mitchell Carnegie to find more about her family history and hopefully find something in regards to who the Harper Bride actually is. However, the more time she spends with Mitch the more she starts to feel what she never believed she would be able to since her first husband. But the more that Roz and Mitch fall for each, the more the Bride becomes erratic. She is also seeming to become stronger, throwing things and being able to bring harm to others. Something she has never done before. Mitch works as quickly as he can to figure out who she is and what they are needing to do to put her to peace because the love that he has for Roz is growing which seems to be also putting her into more danger.

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Have you read this book? If so, what did you think of it?

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