“I feel like I should be promising something like ‘In sickness or injury, in the event of a trade or penalty shot.'”…
…”Proof positive that goalies are weird.”

Elise Faber, Blocked, p. 339

I’ve read better but I’ve also read worse, much worse, so that puts this book in the so-so category. If you want a fast read, this book will fit well to fill that void.

The storyline could have made Blocked a better read than it was if the follow-thru with certain parts were better. What I mean by that is, there is plenty of tension built up throughout the book, however, it all fell flat. The issues that came across throughout the book were handled so quickly and without a fight that it made my enjoyment for the book decline drastically. One of the big examples of this is at the beginning where the author hints about something happening to Brit but not really saying much about it until the middle of the book, however, when what happened to her finally comes to light it all falls like a limp noodle. There could have been more to it as I didn’t feel as if her stress about it was real enough or handled in a way like those that have gone through a situation such as hers would have dealt with it. Another part is the situation with management telling Brit that she had to be in a relationship with Stefan to get more media coverage for the team. There should have been more of a fight and less repetitiveness with the two situations. It was on a constant repeat of what she thought about the two issues but the results were dull. I don’t even want to go into the issue with the fight between Brit and Stefan or how Mike just pretty much became a new person overnight – those were just downright disappointments.

Was it a good book? As I said, it’s so-so. I expected the story to be a melt-your-panties read as when I think of hot, muscled, sweaty hockey players, I imagine quite a lot of steaminess to be going on between the pages. This book had a few between-the-shirts scenes but nothing to really get you hot and bothered by. I love stories that can make me laugh, cry, get angry, and make me melt for the characters and I really think this book could have done all that if there was just a bit more put into it. I will give the next one a shot though, Backhand, to see if the series gets better with each book but if it doesn’t I’m probably going to end up going against my norm and not read the complete series. We shall see!

About Blocked

Brit has the chance to make history by being the first female goalie to ever play for an NHL team, to play with the San Francisco Gold to be exact. So, when she is introduced to Stefan, the Gold’s captain, she is determinedly not interested.

Stefan is sexy, charming, and has a publicly documented list of conquests a mile long. Brit is unwilling to risk her career by mixing business with pleasure, even when that business is wrapped up in a six-foot-plus, gorgeously muscled, package.

When management pushes Brit and Stefan together in an effort to gain good press for the beleaguered team, Brit finds that her carefully calculated disinterest doesn’t mask her body’s desires. The more time she spends with Stefan, the more she falls for him, and the more she risks her career.

Will she be able to have it all – a starting position and the heart of the captain? Or will she end up losing everything she’s worked so hard for?

A list of Elise Faber’s books can be found on her site here – Book List

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think of it?

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