From the beginning, things are different between the movie and the book. In the book, Jacob and Bella have had no contact since he was sent to deliver the message at prom. Jacob missed her birthday. The next time she sees Jacob is when she brings the bikes. Jacob gives Bella conversation hearts for Valentine’s Day, not a birthday present. However, in the movie birthday and gave her a present, which was a dream catcher.

In the book the fight between Paul and Jacob happens when Paul talks about Bella so Jacob transforms into a wolf to defend/fight Paul. In the movie though, it’s Bella who approaches Sam Uley’s pack and slaps Paul, making Paul mad. Paul turns into a wolf and when Jacob sees this, turns into a wolf in midair, and then tussles with Paul.

Once again at the beginning of the book, only Alice comes to greet Bella and Edward because Jasper is not at school, but in so-called college with Rosalie and Emmett. However, in the movie, both Jasper and Alice come to greet Bella and Edward at school on her birthday, also giving her an unwanted present.

Bella gets the papercut from opening Edward and Alice’s gift. Once things start to get a bit crazy from her bleeding, Edward pushes Bella into a pile of gifts and crystal plates, which cuts her more. In the movie though, Bella gets the papercut from opening the gift from Carlisle and Esme. Edward then shoves her into a wall and the glass candle holders cut her.

In addition to the changes to how Bella gets cut up, Edward and Alice stay with Bella instead of going outside in order to assist Carlisle in treating her injuries. Bella tells Edward to leave but claims he’ll be fine. Carlisle and Alice then insist that he do something more productive and talk with Jasper as he would only listen to Edward at the moment. Alice then leaves when Carlisle starts stitching up Bella’s wound. In the movie, Alice rushes to go after Jasper and away from Bella’s bloody mess. Carlisle then tells Edward to talk to Jasper, Edward doing so without saying a word.

In the book, Edward proposes to Bella in her room after they have voted about her becoming a vampire. Bella believes he’s joking but then there is an entire conversation about it. This is when she tells Edward she wants him to change her, and not Alice or Carlisle. In the movie, the scene is completely different as he proposes in the forest on the way back to Bella’s house after the confrontation where Jacob stops them to talk about the treaty. The key part where Bella tells Edward that she wants him to change her occurs in the car before Jacob stops them.

The way that Jacob comes to Bella when she goes cliff-diving is quite a bit different between the book and the movie. In the book, when Bella jumps off the cliff she screams. That is how Jacob knows she was cliff diving. Jacob was in his wolf form when she jumps, so his senses were keen enough to hear her know where to find her. He also explained that after they lost Victoria’s scent, he thought she might come to the beach as Bella had been spending so much time there. Bella doesn’t scream in the movie when she jumps. Around this same time, Jacob is shown on a cliff nearby after chasing Victoria into the ocean. Presumably, he was still there fuming over Victoria’s escape, and thus able to see Bella jump, rather than hear her scream.

In the book, after Bella has stopped Edward from revealing who he is to the humans, Felix and Demetri corner Bella and Edward in an alley. Along with Jane and Alice, they are led to the Volturi via an elaborate set of tunnels accessed by the sewers before they reach an elevator and the reception. In the movie, Jane, Demetri, and Felix are in a building under the clock tower. They lead Bella, Edward, and Alice to an elevator and through an office to the Volturi.

When Bella goes to school at the beginning of the book, after she had her dream, Alice is there with her and Edward talking before school. This is when Alice gives Bella her birthday present, but Bella rejects it. Within the movie, Bella is alone with Edward before school starts and after Jacob gives her the dream-catcher. Alice gives her a gift in a busy school hallway, tells her happy birthday and is shushed by an embarrassed Bella. Bella is irritated at first telling Alice “I thought I said no presents”. Alice explains that she has already seen Bella open it and wear it later that evening to the gathering at the Cullen’s home-using this statement to invite her. Jasper uses his mood control power on Bella presumably to help persuade her to accept the gift, also to agree to attend. Bella quickly realizes he has done so and calls him on it, but attends in spite of this fact.

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