In the movie Bella and Charlie are seen eating in the Forks diner many times, however, Bella is the one that becomes responsible for making the meals for the two of them when she comes to find that Charlie, like her mom, Renee, is not much of a cook.

Besides the cover of the book showing him holding an apple in the palms of his hands, there’s not a scene anywhere in the book that includes Edward bouncing an apple off his foot and catching it in his hands. However, this does take place in the movie.

One of the biggest things that caught my attention between the book and the movie is in the book Rosalie and Jasper are twins and still have their own last name of Hale, however, in the movie the two of them come into the Cullen family at separate times and there is no mention of the two of them being related other than being “adopted” by the Cullens.

In the movie you can see that in some fashion all of the Cullens are wearing a family crest but there is no mention of this in the book.

In the book there is the homecoming dance in addition to prom and the homecoming dance is what Jessica, Angela, and Bella all head to Seattle to dress shop for, it’s not for the prom. Bella also doesn’t go into the bookstore while she is there with them. She goes to the bookstore but doesn’t actually go in unlike in the movie where she goes in and buys a book about vampires.

At the beginning of the movie Bella is seen with a cactus that is supposed to remind of her home back in Arizona, however, what she was carrying with her when she arrived in Forks in the book was a parka due to the major differences in temperature between the two locations.

In the movie, Victoria, James, and Laurent are seen multiple times together and at one point, when they are in the process of hunting Waylon as he works on his boat, Victoria actually talks. However, in the book, Victoria never talks, at least in the first one, and the three of them are only seen together once.

Another big difference between the book and the movie is when Bella goes to meet the Cullen family for the first time. In the book Emmett and Rosalie are missing, Edward and Bella have a discussion about a cross, and Edward takes Bella to Carlisle’s office to tell her about his history. Although in the movie, Emmett and Rosalie are there with the rest of them, preparing Bella an Italian meal (this doesn’t happen in the book either) which results in Rosalie breaking a bowl with her hands when she is told that Bella had already eaten. They also never go to the office or discuss a cross.

In the book and the movie they do end up going to play baseball, however, in the book Alice is the one to say, “That won’t work, I could smell her across the field” when Edward tells her to put down her hair, but in the movie it’s Rosalie who says this.

When Bella first learns about the truck that Charlie had bought her she is riding in the cruiser with him when he had first picked her up from the airport. She also doesn’t meet Jacob until later, when they go to the beach. However, in the movie, she finds out about the truck when Billy and Jacob show up at Charlie’s house after she had arrived.

In the book, Edward didn’t know that James and Victoria were together, a crucial point in the next two books with Edward saying that he would’ve known that Victoria would’ve come back if he had known that they were “mates” while in the movie James is seen draping his arm over Victoria’s shoulders, giving some sign that they were an item.

There are so many differences between the book and the movie that this list would go on for pages as there is so much more detail in the book than there is in the movie. Even though Stephenie Meyer had apparently helped with the script for the movie, they changed quite a lot of the detail that was in the book in order to make the movie adaption. I really wish they would have stuck to the book more as it would have made the movie so much more enjoyable.

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