“Having a pink-loving, girly side doesn’t make you any less of a gun-toting, zombie-smiting badass.”

Katie Ruggle, Fan the Flames, p. 108

Fan the Flames is a continuation of Hold Your Breath and it’s just as good. It’s a book that kept my attention the whole way through as with almost every turn of the page there was action and excitement. I was happy to find that the mystery about HDG (headless dead guy) continues on with this book as it helps wrap the first book into this one, making the series more connected other than just having the same characters from the first book showing up at times. However, it doesn’t fully focus on that conundrum, it also has the suspense of someone coming after Rory Sorenson. I liked that the focus wasn’t mainly on just one character either, as there always seems to be something happening to either Ian or Rory, making it so the story was packed with action and not stalling out.

I really enjoyed finding that Rory was the complete opposite of Lou from the first book but that they both become to be friends. Rory likes to hide herself away in her underground bunker when she isn’t working in her gun shop, as she grew up with parents that trained her for the worst outcome of life, from a zombie apocalypse to a nuclear invasion, to anything inbetween. Then there is Ian, always by Rory’s side no matter what others think about her, “the weird girl.” He’s been in love with her for as long as he can remember and doesn’t plan on leaving her side any time soon. I liked how he always tried to bring her out of her usual element and meet new people, do new things such as becoming a volunteer firefighter, as he knew she would just continue to hide away from the world if she could.

The book makes a good read if you’re looking for a series that brings adventure and suspense. I do recommend starting with the first though since it continues the mystery as to what happened with the headless guy that Lou found floating in the water during a training exercise.

About Fan the Flames

Ian Walsh has been riding the fine line between what his heart wants and what he has started to deem an obligation. He has always wanted to be a firefighter, however, he is also a member of the Motorcycle Club that saved his life. But the Club also has a reputation of breaking whatever laws they see fit. Because of this, his fellow firefighters don’t know how much they can trust him. Ian wants to leave the Club but doesn’t see a way of doing so without deadly consequences. On top of it all, he’s in love with someone he has known since he was a child, Rory Sorenson. He would do anything for her. Die for her. Kill for her. Defend her till the end. And it may just come to that as someone is out to make Rory pay for refusing to sell to the wrong people.

Every con in the Rockies knows that Rory is the one to go to when looking for untraceable firearms. And for the past few years, she has had success with staying neutral so as not to cause disruption between the different factions she provides weapons to. But when she refuses to sell to a son of the Motorcycle Club things take a turn for the worse. From then on she’s fighting to survive with Ian fighting by her side the entire way.

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