“Holy moly,”…”I want one. I want a George. Are there more like him in the mountains? Because we can close the store, fly to Colorado, and go George shopping, only for me this time.”

Katie Ruggle, Gone Too Deep, p. 289

I really enjoyed the third installment, Gone Too Deep, in the Search & Rescue series. The book takes you with George Holloway, the best survival tracker that the Search & Rescue team has, alongside Ellie Price, to find Ellie’s missing father who hiked into the woods a few days prior. It also connects to the first two books but it doesn’t overpower the story. I like how each book in the series can stand on its own all the while being interconnected. This book has just as much action as the others as well so it wasn’t a hardship to read to the end.

George and Ellie are such likable characters, too. Ellie is always trying to get George to talk but he just continues on with his grunts and shrugs, at least for a while. Granted, he’s not really used to talking to people since he’s been on his own for a good part of his life. I liked how Ellie was able to coax him to talk more as you go through the story. You can tell they are attracted to each other but they don’t know how to handle it all too well. George and Ellie were actually my favorites out of the four books. You can tell that George is such a sweetheart but has a hard time communicating that to Ellie, he isn’t one to really share his feelings. He is always watching out for her though, and not only because he’s her guide, but he truly does care for her. When George ends up going to Chicago after Ellie goes back, even with it being way outside his element, it showed how much he cherishes her and that was a different kind of excitement that made the book well rounded as it wasn’t all about finding Ellie’s father, but also showing how much George and Ellie meant to each other. Of course, I’m always one for the sappy love story.

Of course I recommend starting with the first book, Hold Your Breath, but I would suggest this book series to anyone who loves a mushy love story with some adventure alongside it.

About Gone Too Deep

George Holloway is used to being on his own, and he likes it that way. He’s able to come and go without concern for others with the exception of the time he spends helping out the Search & Rescue team. He’s the best they have for a survival expert since he’s lived his life within the forest of the Colorado Rockies. And that’s why Ellie Price is in need of his assistance. Ellie’s father hasn’t been able to think straight for as long as she could remember and now, after finding out that he has taken off to a far-off cabin on the mountainside, she is in need of assistance getting there herself to bring her father back.

Ellie and George couldn’t be any more opposites than they already are. She’s a city girl who is not only charming and sociable but of delicate in nature. Far from one used to climbing in the mountains in piles of snow. George on the other-hand is a true mountain-man. He also isn’t one known for being talkative. But as he agrees to take Ellie to find her father, he starts to come out of his closed-up shell, realizing that he doesn’t know what he would do if he ever lost Ellie. She has softened him and making him want to keep her by his side for as long as she will stay there. However, they need to be on guard, as while they climb the mountain they are also being hunted by a dangerous man who is out to seek revenge.

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Have you read this book? If so, what did you think of it?

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