“I have a level. I am fully stocked with tools, despite being in possession of a vagina.”

Katie Ruggle, Hold Your Breath, page 116

I’ve been a fan of Katie Ruggle since I picked up the first book in the Rocky Mountain K9 Unit series (we’ll get into those later). I wanted to start with the Search and Rescue series first as they actually come before the Rocky Mountain books.

The types of books that Katie Ruggle, Nora Roberts, and others are my favorite types of reads as they are fun, exciting, and are almost always a good read (there have been a few that haven’t been the greatest, but there always is I suppose). With this book, I was able to easily connect with the characters and envision easily what was happening with the story, just as if I was part. Makes for the best type of book in my opinion. Hold Your Breath, the first book in the Search and Rescue series, had me laughing, curious, and excited the more I read, making me want to get through the book as quickly as I could but at the same time not wanting it to end (always the dilemma with a good book).

Louise “Lou” Sparks is a very upbeat person who is one that always tried to look on the bright side of things all the while knowing what she wants and going for it. She is someone I can connect to greatly as I’m out on my own for the first time as well, trying to get away from all the bad relationships that I’ve gone through. Someone every girl looks to be at some point in her life. Then there is Callum Cook. The closed-in ex-Marine, the heartthrob of the story. The complete opposite of Lou, which in my mind, as well as apparently Katie Ruggle’s, made them the perfect fit as they are always butting heads about what he thinks she should do and what she thinks is best for her. He is a guy that you can’t help but wonder why he is the way he is. With him only saying things when it was necessary, or rarely smiling for that matter, you know that when he does talk or smile it’s meaningful. I could tell from the beginning that he had a thing for Lou and it kept making me want to push him towards her in my mind, have him make a move so much quicker than he did. And his organization OCD, I connected to that all too well.

About Hold Your Breath

Callum Cook doesn’t know how it came to be but he can’t seem to get his head straight when he’s around the new recruit for the ice dive team, Louise Sparks. She is his complete opposite. He’s so put-together, organized, driven to have perfection with whatever he’s doing. But with Lou, she’s always going; a talker who has chaos always following close behind her. Callum has no intention of following through on his feelings, especially since he is her superior, but he doesn’t believe he’s going to be able to control himself much longer.

Lou ran to the isolated Rockies to get away from her controlling ex, Brent, as well as her family who encouraged her to marry Brent at any cost to her self-esteem, as they believed him to be the best match for her. Someone who could easily take over Lou’s father’s company when the time came. Now here she was, the newest member of the dive team under the control of Cal, the one person she can’t seem to stop watching, trying to figure him out all the time, not to mention he was quite a looker. But things escalate quickly between them after she finds a headless body floating in the water while in the process of running a diving exercise. From then on her and Cal are up against someone they never see coming, someone that wants to do everything possible to keep Lou quiet. However, she can’t stop seem to stop involving herself in the investigation and trying to not only figure out who the headless man is, but how he came to be that way. Cal tries everything possible to keep Lou out of harm’s way but the killer seems to always be one step ahead.

A list of Katie Ruggle’s books can be found on her site here – Romantic Suspense Book List and Erotic Romance Book List

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think of it?

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