“They look like something we’d find in a serial killer’s house.”

“Exactly. And it was the dolls that made him do it.”

Katie Ruggle, In Safe Hands, p. 174

This book was a good wrap-up to the series as it brought closure to the murders and happenings of HDG that have been happening since the first book, Hold Your Breath. From the beginning, it starts with the murder of Anderson King, one of the two that were after Ellie and George in Gone Too Deep. We also come to find out who kills him and….dun, dun, dun, it’s the Sheriff! I like how there was still quite a bit of suspense throughout the book even though we know of at least one of the killers.

This book mainly focuses on that of Daisy Little and how she is trapped within her home for the past few years, ever since her mother was killed in a robbery gone wrong. Even with the book not having many locations other than that of what takes place in Daisy’s home, there is quite a bit of action and suspense that goes on. Not only did I want to finish the book to find out who the sheriff was protecting by killing Anderson, but also how things would turn out between Chris and Daisy. They were such a cute couple and I really admired how, instead of thinking Daisy crazy for never leaving her home, that he helped her try and conquer her fear.

I really liked how all four books got wrapped up with this last one. They continued the hunt for HDG’s killer, as of course, they didn’t know of what the sheriff had done in the early morning hours the day Daisy saw someone carting a body out of the house across the street from hers. The why factor was missing as well. And it was great how Lou, Rory, and Ellie were included so much in In Safe Hands as it brought the group together in order to finish things out. I enjoy a book series more when things are looped together. Not only did the girls do their investigating together, but they also started up a regular meet in order to train together in Daisy home gym, bringing the eight of them full circle. It made the entire series well rounded. I’m always a sucker for book series as I want to get to know about the lives of all the characters involved.

About In Safe Hands

The end is near and everything is now in the hands of Chris Jennings and Daisy Little. Can they do what it takes to bring things to justice?

Chris Jennings is a member of the Field County Sheriff’s Dept and is used to having things a bit crazy, at least for the past few months that is. Ever since a beheaded man was found floating in the water by the ice rescue dive team, things have been happening that are way out of the norm for the small-time in the Rockies. He’s dedicated to the law and still kicking himself for letting someone hurt one of his friends while on duty one night. Now, he’s needing to protect the one woman that he can never really have, but he’ll do anything to keep her safe. However, someone is out to make her look as if she is the crazy person that some think she is, making others second-guess what she has seen go down across the street from her own home.

Daisy Little has lived in terror for over eight years; ever since the night, her mother was killed. Now she has trapped within a prison of her own making as she hasn’t left her home for the same amount of time. To pass the loneliness that she feels, she watches from her bedroom window as life goes by without her. Then things change all in the matter of one night. As she watches from the darkness of her room, she sees a mysterious man load what looks like a lifeless body into the back of a police cruiser. Daisy is then thrust into the center of it all and the person that she had seen that night is out to keep her quiet, at any cost.

A list of Katie Ruggle’s books can be found on her site here – Romantic Suspense Book List and Erotic Romance Book List

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think of it?

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