“The conviction was as solid as the bones beneath her skin: Even the powerful needed protection sometimes.”

J. R. Ward, Lover Avenged, p 378

Rehvenge and those amethyst eyes scream smoking hot and he’s definitely one that I wouldn’t mind getting close to, especially after finding out what he has gone through and puts himself through on a daily basis, just to keep the ones he cares for safe. He may not be one that belongs to the Black Dagger Brotherhood but he makes sure that those that belong to him are well taken care of and safe from the side of himself he hates, the symphath within him. And because of this, he believes that he can never have a shellan of his own, the family that he craves.

So much continues to happen within the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, making it very difficult to stop reading (which I suppose is what the author, J. R. Ward, hopes for of course) and I was happy to see that the story went outside the brotherhood for a change. Granted, they were very much part of the book, but I loved reading about a male outside of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and finding out more about the civilians and glymera lifestyle. It made for a nice change of pace. The best part, besides all the ass-kicking going on, of course, is that Rehv has finally found someone to take care of him, especially since he was doing a shit job of it himself (there goes all that romance inside of me spilling free again.

I was not expecting it to be Ehlena though, an RN that works at Haver’s clinic, as I was thinking, at least for a while, that the best match for Rehv was his head of security, Xhex. They are both have symphath within them and she was the one that always seemed to look out for him. Well, when he let her that is. But it was Ehlena that got through his tough exterior and deep within his heart. I wasn’t the least bit shocked when she fought against her feelings for him as he was a presence that none of the nurses wanted to have around when he would come into the clinic for more dopamine to curve the symphath urges, but she did surprise me when she put her job at risk to help him when he became sick from shooting the dopamine into his system with bad needles, making him get an infection that could kill him. With an infection he was hoping would kill him.

Rehvenge had finally come to the point that he could no longer live with how things had been going as for the past 25 years he was whoring himself out to the symphath princess all so she wouldn’t blow the coverage of Rehv and Xhex, bringing it to the attention of the vampire world that they had sin-eaters living among them. Because of this, he thought he wasn’t good for anyone to love, most of all Ehlena. And for a while I really thought Ehlena would be the one to change his mind, that is until she found out who he really was, at least the part of him that he hid from her, the symphath side, the drug lord he was, blah, blah, blah… But then she had to go and piss me off when she walked away from him at the club. Granted, that’s what he was wanting her to do as he was, once again, protecting those that he loved after finding out that the princess had shown up at her house and had sent an email out blabbing about who he really was. But dammit, I thought she would at least stick with him and realize sooner what he was doing. No, instead it took her a month to figure out that he had sacrificed himself to the colony.

And this was another part of the story that surprised me. With the title being Lover Avenged, I was figuring that at some point Ehlena would be taken by the sin-eater clan or maybe kidnapped by Lash and Rehv would have to go after her, however, it was the opposite. She had finally got her shit together, realizing that the explosion at the club didn’t kill Rehv, but that he had gone to the colony in order to keep everyone safe, to keep those he loves, safe, so it was up to her to go and save him. In the end, the goal was achieved, thankfully, but it did result in Xhex being taken by Lash. What? Badass Xhex? Yup! He took her completely by surprise and while she was out with Ehlena and the brotherhood getting Rehv back from the colony, Lash showed his pretty-boy face there at the same time to get back his princess (or so he liked to think) and as a result ended up taking Xhex instead. The princess was dead at that point after all.

Once again I wasn’t the least bit disappointed with the story (I held back on at least a spoiler or two this time) and now all I can think of is reading the next story, Lover Mine. Not only will it be more of the brotherhood, but it will be more about John Matthew, one of my absolute favorite characters. I can’t help but love JM, even though he is currently going through a rough patch in his life.

About Lover Avenged

Caldwell, NY, has long been the battleground for the vampires and their enemies, the Lessening Society. It’s also where Rehvenge has staked out his turf as a drug lord and notorious nightclub owner that caters to the rich and heavily armed. Rehvenge is used to living in the shadows and dealing with the roughest nightwalkers around – including those within the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Especially after his sister, Bella, is mated to one. His fearless reputation is why he’s approached by one of his kind and asked to kill the race’s king, and his bad side, the symphath side, is dying to be released and rise to the occasion. His shadowy reputation is exactly why he’s approached to kill Wrath, the Blind King, and leader of the Brotherhood.

As plots within and outside the Brotherhood take their toll against Rehvenge, he turns to the only source of light in his ever-darkening world- Ehlena, a vampire untouched by the corruption that has its hold on him- and the only thing standing between him and eternal destruction.  And when it comes time for her to become the stronger of the two, she will do anything to bring him back from the hell that he believes to belong.

A list of J.R. Ward’s books can be found on her site here – Book List – The order of the Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB) books can be found here – BDB List

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think of it?

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