“It’s fearsome and terrifying and powerful and awe-inspiring. And if anyone ever tried to get to me, that thing would wipe out a neighnorhood. How could a girl not be charmed?”

J. R. Ward, Lover Eternal, p 414

What is with books ripping emotions out of me lately! I absolutely loved this book, more so than the first. With Mary being a full-fledged human it made it easy to connect to her character and you can’t help but love Rhage. This book did have me crying a lot though, that’s for sure.

In the beginning, when Rhage first came upon Mary in the training facility hallway, I got into the woman mindset of he’s coming onto her quite forcefully. No man should treat a woman like that unless she wants them to, but he is part of the brotherhood after-all and they always do have a tendency of getting what they want. Mary held her own though, well, somewhat. I would have been the same way though, getting sucked up into the sexual energy that was coming from Rhage.

Mary is such a strong character, or at least she tries to be most of the time. I mean, no-one can really fault her for having weak moments as who wouldn’t if they were in her situation and on the verge of dying from leukemia. However, while not only fighting against the cancer that is out to end her life at such an early time in her life, she is fighting against her feelings, trying her hardest not to fall in love with Rhage as she doesn’t want him to suffer as she had suffered when her mother was sick. What she goes through makes me hurt for her, just as if she was a friend. But as she found out, you can only fight so much before you break. One of my favorite parts of the book is where she was at Bella’s and Rhage came searching for her as she didn’t return after her doctor’s appointment at the clinic. When Rhage is leaving Bella’s, Mary finally breaks down and runs outside and into Rhage’s arms, finally admitting she is not okay.

I think Rhage, so far, is the biggest sweetheart of all those in the Brotherhood. How he cares for Mary is how every woman I’ve ever known wishes to be cared for by her mate. He does have a dark side of him though, it isn’t killing him like Mary’s cancer is killing her, but it does destroy him in some ways each time he’s released. When the beast comes free Rhage doesn’t have much control over him as he consumes anything in its path. To try and save Mary from this destruction, Rhage keeps a distance from her but eventually the beast inside him makes it difficult to stay away from her. Mary seems to be able to calm the beast that rages inside of Rhage though, which surprises them all. Whenever she talks it brings a type of control over him that settles him, that is until someone tries to get to Mary while he is out, then all hell breaks loose.

I don’t really want to give away too many spoilers but I will say this, when Rhage goes to the Scribe Virgin and also at the end of the book, the tears were rolling (as well as a few other parts throughout the story) so if you decide to read the book make sure you have plenty of tissues.

About Lover Eternal

Rhage is the warrior vampire with the strongest of appetites. He’s also their deadliest fighter, the most voracious of lovers, and the quickest to act on impulse. He also has a curse set upon him for over a century with another century left to go before he is released from it. Possessed by a beast, he constantly lives in fear of the times where the dragon will release and endangers everyone around him.

Mary Luce has found herself in the presence of the vampire world and under the protection of Rhage after coming across a group of lessers. With her own life-threatening curse, she refuses the chances of love. Not to mention she has stopped believing in any saving graces or miracles after the loss of her mother. However, Rhage can’t seem to stop the emotional bonding from happening and he knows he must have Mary as his mate. As their enemies close in, Mary finds herself actually praying for the first time in a long time for something she fears she’ll never be able to have – eternal life with the one she loves.

A list of J.R. Ward’s books can be found on her site here – Book List – The order of the Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB) books can be found here – BDB List

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think of it?

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