“I’m going to love you so good and so long you’re gonna be convinced no earthly thing could have brought us together” 

J. R. Ward, Lover Unbound, p 422

So far this has been the longest of the books that I have read in the series thus far, and I really think it could have been a bit shorter as it seemed to drag a bit in the middle. This one did come close to being my second favorite though, to that of Lover Eternal. In Lover Unbound I got to learn about the dark side of Vishous, the part of him that he has hidden so well from the others. In the previous books he’s one of the sweetest and strongest of them all (at least to me) even though he’s also one of the most secretive, but I came to find that he tends to take out his frustrations in a manner that I was not expecting. Unlike the other brothers who were in the habit (before finding their shellans) of hooking up with whores in the back of ZeroSum, he is totally into the dom/submissive life! And it’s not that he just dabbles in it, he goes the full-on route with tying up the female of his choosing for the night. So as not to make the situation personal, he makes them wear a mask so they cannot see as well as a ball gag so they cannot talk, all the while he is hurting because he can’t seem to find the love that all the others, especially that of his roommate, Butch, in whom V has become very attached to, are finding.

The colossal epiphany of the story is finding out who V’s mother is. When that little detail was brought into the story it definitely made me go “oooohhhh” as to why he has a hand that glows, and well, burns things to nothingness. His entire body also has a tendency to glow depending on how angry he gets at times. His attitude changes drastically towards the Scribe Virgin once he comes to find out who had given him up to his vicious father, the Bloodletter, all those centuries ago, losing all the respect that he has been taught to have towards her during his life in the brotherhood. Of course, who can really blame him considering what she made him go through for the first three centuries of his life? It also tends to make the situation of him fulfilling his responsibilities, at least to what his mother believes to be his responsibility, as the Primale. Yup, she makes him agree to be the Primale for the Chosen. The brotherhood is diminishing as they are now only down to five brothers with Tohr being gone, and so it is up to him to mate with the Chosen to birth young to expand the brotherhood and their army of vampires. What makes the whole situation difficult for Vishous is not that he has to impregnate forty different Chosen, it is a ton of weight on his shoulders to bare though that’s for sure, but he has also fallen in love with someone else. A human to boot! Jane Whitcomb, the surgeon that saved his life when he was stabbed and shot while fighting a lesser.

I love Jane’s character. So far she’s my favorite out of all the females (she has booted Mary right out of the spot) as she doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do and has a mouth on her that rivals that of the brothers. She is definitely the best fit for Vishous as she stands up to him, letting him know that he has no control over what she says or does, no matter how hard he tries. I did come to find that Jane does have a kinky said to her though so that makes the bond with V even stronger. I have a love/hate situation going on with how things ended with Jane in the end, however. What the Scribe Virgin sacrificed for Jane to be with Vishous is what I believe any mother should be willing to do for their child, but I’m not really sure how I feel about the whole ghost situation. She is very real to everyone, for the exception of her now being see-through, and thanks to the power that V has within him he can still touch her as she was before, which does make my heart happy as they can still be together. She even gets to run her own clinic as she’s now in control of the brotherhoods clinic within the compound. I also love ghosts within stories, I just feel as if her being a ghost is just a bit out of how the storyline has been going with this series. It all feels a bit off. The story is still a good one though and I’m happy that V has found the love that he so desperately needed and wants.

About Lover Unbound

The ruthless and brilliant brother Vishous possesses a destructive curse and a frightening ability to see the future. As a member of the Brotherhood, he has no interest in love or emotion, only the battle with the Lessening Society. But when a mortal injury puts him in the care of a human surgeon, Dr. Jane Whitcomb compels him to reveal his inner pain and taste true pleasure for the first time-until a destiny he didn’t choose takes him into a future that does not include her.

Jane Whitcomb is someone who has not experienced much love in her lifetime for the exception of what was given to her by her sister Hannah. However, after Hannah died when Jane was just 13, Jane has been on her own as her parents tended to act as if she really wasn’t there. That didn’t stop Jane from pursuing her dreams of becoming a doctor, and not because her father was one, but in honor of her sister. Then her life was flipped upside down when Vishous was brought into her trama unit one cold evening. He was on the verge of death with a gunshot wound to the chest and she was the only chance of saving him. But when his brothers find out that he was taken to a human hospital they have to go and retrieve him before dawn arrives, kidnapping Jane along with him as Vishous refuses to go without her.

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Have you read this book? If so, what did you think of it?

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