“Wouldn’t it be nice if everything balances in the world? If right came out on top and wrong was punished. It sure would be simple.”

Nora Roberts, Red Lily, p 266-267

I absolutely love this series and just like a select few others, I try and read it over again every year or two. Red Lily is a fabulous finish to the series and is actually my favorite out of all three of them as we get to find out what has happened to cause the Harper Bride to haunt the halls of Harper House. This final book also focuses on my favorite couple out of the three, Hayley and Harper.

The two of them are always fumbling around each other as they both have feelings for the other that they are afraid to act on as they both believe that it isn’t right for them to feel that way. The entire time you want to cheer them on and tell them to go for it as well as yell at them for being stupid in their ways of thinking. Harper believes that he shouldn’t pursue Hayley because of her being a mother to Lily, a child that he desperately wants to call his own. All the while, Hayley thinks she shouldn’t go after Harper because he is the son of the woman she looks up to greatly. They are such an adorable couple though that you get a slight flutter of butterflies in your stomach for them.

There is also no shortage of the Harper Bride in this one either. However, it’s in a much different manner than how she’s been showing herself in the previous two books. In this book she has decided to invade the mind of Hayley, making her do things outside of her knowledge. Instead of the Harper Bride attacking as an outsider, she makes Hayley start to second guess if her feelings and actions are those of her own making, making her doubt herself on her true feelings for Harper. This brings a nice twist to the ending of the story, that’s for sure. And Hayley, being the one that believes she should take care of herself without relying on those around her, takes her time in telling the others what is going on. I look up to Hayley’s strength with all she has accomplished, but sometimes you just want to smack her upside the head.

About Red Lily

A Harper has always lived in Harper House located just outside of Memphis, Tennessee, and for as long as anyone alive can remember, a ghost that has been dubbed the Harper Bride has roamed its halls while singing lullabies to the sleeping children.

Hayley Phillips’ father had told her that if she had ever needed help with anything to go to Roz Harper as the woman could do anything. So that’s where Hayley headed, to Memphis to seek out a cousin she has never met, shoving what she could into her beat down car along with herself and her unborn child. She wasn’t looking for a handout of any kind, but hopefully at least a job at her cousin’s nursery, In the Garden. What she ended up finding was a home surrounded by beautiful gardens and a family she never could have dreamed of after losing her father, including that of Roz’s son, Harper. Hayley has even begun to have dreams about Harper, and they are being more than just friends within those dreams.

Harper doesn’t quite know what to do about the feelings he has developed for Hayley as he believes that since she is a mother that he needs to stay far away from her, at least in any way but friendship. And then there is Lily, Hayley’s daughter, who has found her way deep within his heart, making him wish that he could call her his. Then he comes to find out that the Harper Bride has been taking advantage of Hayley, controlling her mind and body. Harper does everything he can to protect what he believes should be his, including risking his own life.

Once Hayley finds out about the Harper Bride taking control of her mind and body, she has a hard time believing if her feelings for Harper are true or if it is something that the Bride has put into her mind. It’s time to put all efforts into finding out what has happened to the Harper Bride and put her to rest once and for all so that Hayley can figure out her own heart again.

A list of Nora Robert’s books can be found here – Book List – She even has a printable list that can be found here – Printable List – and a list of series/connected books can be found here – Series/Connected Book List

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think of it?

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