“Destiny has more than one road.”

Nora Roberts, The Pagan Stone, page 234

Well, we’ve made it to the final book in the Sign of Seven trilogy! The Pagan Stone was actually my favorite of the three. I really enjoyed reading Caleb and Quinn’s story, as well as Fox and Layla’s, however, it was the relationship between Gage and Cybil that really got the juices going. I’m always the one rooting for the couple that has deep down feelings for each other that either doesn’t realize it at first or realize it and fight tooth and nail against those feelings until they just combust.

Gage and Cybil were for sure the latter of the two. and I love that the most as it’s more entertaining. The way they pick at each other all the while fighting their need of wanting one another naked in bed bring out the best, or sometimes the worst, in people. It brought a little bit of both sides in the two of them. Gage mostly though really. He didn’t want to fall in love with Cybil as he had, he wanted to be the free man he had been for so many years. Only having to depend on himself. I know that others believe that if he didn’t want to be in love with something, didn’t want to be there with them in the end when they were done fighting against Twisse, then he should just go and be by himself once again as he was before. But to me, I could feel how he was broken inside from being alone and understand how he was afraid to give his love as it could so easily be broken. It made me feel sadness, happiness, and excitement as they progress through their relationship to the point of them both admitting that they couldn’t live without each other. Love is more than just a single emotion and Gage and Cybil proved throughout the book how true that is.

They both found each other attractive from the get-go but they didn’t have any intention of “hooking up” like the other four so they kept away from each other as much as possible. That was quite difficult, however, as they were most often together in some way doing research, having dinner, discussing the situation they were up against. That is until they realized they would at least have to work closer than ever with each other towards the end in order to fight the evil that they were up against. Twisse. It took them a bit of time to get to this point though, letting feelings and trust build between the two of them. In the end, I believe they had the strongest connection between the six of them, and not only because of how fate played into the whole situation.

About The Pagan Stone

Gage Turner was used to being on his own. His mother died when he was at a young age and from then on his father, Bill Turner, took his frustration out on that poor little boy instead of taking care of him as a father should have. Instead, his father would come home drunk as a skunk as they say, and yell at him all the while beating him, leaving large welts and bruises all over his small body. However, at the age of ten, after doing a blood sacrifice with his best friends Caleb and Fox at the Pagan Stone, everything changed. Gage had gone into the woods with his back covered in welts from the beating he got the night before, but when he walked out the next morning there was no sign that they were ever there. From that day forward if any of them got hurt in any way (besides true death that is) they would heal in a matter of minutes to just a few hours. The minute Gage turned of age he hightailed it out of Hawkins Hollow, but he was back now, as he came back every year to deal with the death and destruction that rained down on the small town during the week of the seventh. Things started to happen a lot sooner than usual though, which had him, and the rest of them worried. In years past nothing would start to happen in the Hollow until that week in July, but this year unthinkable things started to appear weeks in advance. This straight told Gage that this was going to be the worst that any of them had experienced and he needed to return to the Hollow and return as quickly as he could find a way back into town. And he would leave the moment everything was taken care of, just like all the times before.

That’s actually how he ended up first meeting Cybil Kinski before realizing who she actually was. They were both traveling the back roads in the dark of night with the result being of Gage running Cybil off the road, as she was also traveling to Hawkins Hollow to meet up with her close friend Quinn as promised. Cybil is much like Gage, she knows what she wants and she’s used to going about it in her own way. This is one connection that they have from the beginning, as well as attitude. From the beginning, Cybil knows that it was going to be difficult working with Gage as all he cared about was dealing with the mess and then getting on out of Hawkins Hollow again. She was there by the request of Quinn and she was going to make sure she could help in every way possible to defeat what was after the small town if she had to knock heads with Gage constantly along the way.

However, they both had more of a connection than they realized at that first meeting at the side of the road, and it wasn’t the physical attraction that they had towards each other.

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Have you read this book? If so, what did you think of it?

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