Title: The Nantucket Inn (Nantucket Beach Plum Cove #1)
Author: Pamela M. Kelley
ISBN: 9780991243532
Published: 2019
Pages: 252


I was looking forward to reading this book as I’ve come to love Nantucket even though I’ve never personally been there. However, I was quite disappointed.

It’s very rare for me to not finish a book once I’ve started it, but this book almost landed in the DNF (did-not-finish) pile to never be picked up again; it was that boring. The only reason why I did end up finishing the book was because I wanted to know where everyone ended up at the end of the story. I don’t think I’ll be reading the rest of the series though, but not sure on that as of yet. Maybe the rest of the series is better.

Other than being completely boring, another reason as to why I was going to stop reading was because it was extremely choppy with the writing. I hate choppy sentence structures, it should flow like water when someone is reading a book, not having a stopping point after every move a character makes. The book could have absolutely used some additional editing to make the story less disconnected, more enjoyable with the plot, and to catch the spelling/character mix-ups that were also found. The book needed some life in it as it fell drastically short.

Another big issue that I had with the story is that there was no connection made with the characters. I don’t mind the focus being on a group of characters through a story, however, the writer needs to make sure that a connection can be made between the character and the reader. When I read a book I want to feel as if I really know the character as if I personally met them and I was unable to feel that with any of them within the story, which is quite sad if you think about it as the story circled around at least 4-5 characters throughout. And where was Chase the entire time??? He was in the book quite a bit in the beginning and then seemed to just up and disappear from the rest of it. I know that the second book is set to focus more on him and Kristen, but I don’t understand why he was left out of the plot halfway through the book as if he was forgotten he exists. Again, I think some additional editing would have helped.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the entire book wasn’t a disaster. I did enjoy that it was set on Nantucket and that I was able to read about the lives of a family that seemed to love each other quite a bit and where they lived, but if you’re looking for a jolt of suspense or even some steamy romance between some of the characters, you will be disappointed. There wasn’t even a good fight between any of the characters even though there should have been, at least two when it came to Kate and Dylan as well as Kristen and Sean. Relationships need some tension, and theirs lacked.

To read the second book or not to read, that is the question…

About The Nantucket Inn

Lisa Hodges needs to make a decision fast. Thanks to her dead husband’s gambling addiction, their savings is almost gone. In her early fifties with a large, waterfront home on Nantucket to support, Lisa hasn’t worked in over thirty years, has no in-demand skills and is virtually unemployable.

Her only options are to sell the house and move off-island, or, she could use her cooking and entertaining skills and turn her home into a bed and breakfast. She desperately needs it to succeed because she has four grown children with problems of their own and wants to stay close to them. 

Her oldest daughter, Kate, has a fabulous career in Boston–working as a writer for a popular fashion magazine and engaged to a dangerously handsome, photographer, who none of them have met.

Kate’s twin, local artist, Kristen, has been reasonably content with her on-again off-again relationship with an older, separated businessman. 

Her son, Chase, runs his own construction business and is carefree, happily dating here and there but nothing serious. 

Youngest daughter, Abby, is happily married to her high school sweetheart, and they’ve been trying to have a baby. But it hasn’t happened yet, and Abby wonders if it’s a sign that maybe their marriage isn’t as perfect as everyone thinks.

Come visit Nantucket and see how Lisa’s new bed and breakfast has an impact on almost everyone in her family. It’s the first book in a new series that will follow the Hodges family, friends, and visitors to Nantucket’s Beach Plum Cove Inn.

A list of Pamela Kelley’s books can be found on her site here – Book List – She also has a printable version that can be found here – Printable Book List.

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think of it?

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