Virgin River is a book series that I fell in love with from page one of book one. It was created by author, Robyn Carr, and one that I cannot get enough of! I’m currently reading Angel’s Peak and thankfully have quite a few still in the series to go (there are now a total of 21 books in the series). This is a book series that I can guarantee that you’ll fall in love with! Maybe not with every story, but at least most of them. There have been a couple that have even brought me to tears on occasion due to how moving they are and how well I could connect with some of the characters as I’ve been through exactly what they’re going through. I really recommend giving it a chance.

Now, just like most movies and television series that are based off of a book they’re just not as good when it comes to the details that are portrayed, however, I still love this Netflix series. The characters are still likable and you still get a good idea of what happened in the books. Someone who had not read the books wouldn’t be disappointed with this series. I know that us diehard readers will notice the differences, large and small, and the details missed, but I’m still very excited that they made it into a series as I enjoy comparing it to what I had played through my own mind while watching it. Do I wish they would have made them longer episodes and follow along with the storyline better, of course! But what they’ve come up with still has me hooked.

I can’t wait for the new season to come out next week!

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